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FIFA 14 PSP Original Game For PPSSPP Emulator On Android | ISO Highly Compressed

FIFA 14 PSP Original Game For PPSSPP Emulator On Android | ISO Highly Compressed
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FIFA 14 PPSSPP is a thrilling football video game that gives you the full experience of this exciting sport in the palm of your hand on your android powered device. The game has been developed by EA Sports and is sure to take every soccer fan out there into the gaming experience. Whether you are a true enthusiast or just like to have fun by kicking around, you will spend hours having loads of fun.


Realistic Gameplay

FIFA 14 PPSSPP has very realistic game play that simulates the frenzied excitement witnessed in a live soccer match. The precision of ball control and player movement are all designed to make you feel as if you were on the pitch. It is worth noting that the way players’ animations are handled as well as the physics of ball make this game seem very real, so that you cannot but desire more.

Extensive Roster

One of the notable attributes of FIFA 14 PPSSPP is the all-inclusive global list of teams and players. Whether you prefer to play as a top-rated club such as Barcelona or Manchester United or leading your national team to victory, you will have plenty of options to select. You can make perfect dream team compositions with exact players’ stats and squads’ formation.

Game Modes

Game modes in FIFA 14 PPSSPP are many giving you an option to select one that suits your taste and playing style. If you like a quick play, a season with your fave, or tough multiplayer brawl with buddies there is a place for you here. The career mode involves team management where one has to decide tactically while going through all the twists and turns in a football season. The Ultimate Team mode, where you accumulate football player cards and form your fantasy squad, is also widely known.

Enhanced Graphics and Sound

The beautiful graphics coupled with awesome sounds will make your experience in the FIFA 14 PPSSPP an incredible one. Utilizing maximum potential of the PPSSPP emulator, the game offers superb, HD quality images that add to the gaming experience. The crowd reactions, the stadium atmosphere and the commentary, will all make you feel as one of them at an amazing football encounter!

How to Download FIFA SOCCER 14 PSP:

To enjoy FIFA 14 PPSSPP on your Android device, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps to download and install the game:

  • Step 1: Obtain the PPSSPP Emulator

    Access it from official PPSSPP website or get it from the Google Play Store.

    Follow the on-screen instructions to install the emulator on your Android device.

  • Step 2: Download FIFA 14 PSP ROM.

    Click on the links down this page to download either the original or the lite (highly compressed) version of the game.

    Save the ROM file into your device’s internal storage or SD card.

  • Step 3: Configure the PPSSPP Emulator

    Open PPSSPP emulator on your Android.

    Go to the settings section and make appropriate adjustments for maximum gameplay performance.

  • Step 4: FIFA 14 PSP ROM

    Access the FIFA 14 PSP ROM file through the PPSSPP emulator.

    To start the loading process, choose the file.

  • Step 5: Start Playing FIFA 14 PPSSPP

    As soon as you start the game, it’s time for you to begin your virtual football journey.


With this, you are ready for another great game adventure with FIFA 2014. Here is a spectacular football game, which will make you a winner in the global virtual arena!


Note: To avoid running out of space while playing you will need to ensure your system storage space is enough for FIFA 14 PSP since it is relatively a big game.


Gameplay Video of FIFA 14 on PPSSPP Emulator:


FIFA 14 PSP Original Game For PPSSPP Emulator On Android | ISO Highly Compressed
Download FIFA 14 PSP Original Game For PPSSPP Emulator On Android | ISO Highly Compressed 
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