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Download Ys Seven PSP compressed game for PPSSPP emulator.

Download Ys Seven PSP compressed game for PPSSPP emulator.
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Download the Ys Seven PSP compressed game for the PPSSPP emulator on Android.

Ys Seven (PSP) is a role-playing video game developed by Nihon Falcom. As part of the Ys series, it was first released in Japan for the PlayStation Portable in September 2009, followed by Xseed Games’ release in North America in August 2010, in Europe in November 2010, and in Australia in February 2013. It was also released for Microsoft Windows in China in June 2012 and worldwide in English in August 2017.

The game received positive overall reception, with IGN praising its gameplay skill and battle system, calling it “unlike any role-playing game played in recent memory.” The boss battles were highlighted as particularly thrilling, requiring intense focus to overcome. The music was described as “extremely enjoyable,” and while the story was deemed simple, its sincerity prevented it from being boring. However, criticism was directed towards the need to backtrack through fortified towers and the “modest” graphics. RPGamer awarded Ys Seven the title of “Best PSP RPG of 2010.”

Features of Ys Seven for PSP and PPSSPP Emulator on Android with a small file size:

In Ys Seven PSP, you enter a place steeped in history, once a paradise surrounded by deep green forests and crystal-clear pools where humans, elves, dwarves, and other diverse races lived harmoniously until the demons’ roar shattered their peaceful lives.
The return of the Dark Lord ignites a new round of battles that will ultimately involve all races. The land is now a “cursed land,” and in this despair-filled land, a young man searches for lost memories that will decide the fate of the cursed land.
New Great RPG for PSP:

Ys SEVEN is the highly anticipated next chapter in the Ys series, eagerly awaited by both old and new fans alike.
Real-time battles on the field map.
An epic story spanning over 30 hours of gameplay.

Download Ys Seven PPSSPP Action RPG for Android with a direct link:

The Kingdom of Altago is rebuilding around a new peace after years of war against the ruthless Romun armies. The classic adventurer duo, Adol and Dogi, arrive at the port of Altago City, quickly finding themselves in a scuffle with the Dragon Knights, the kingdom’s military police, as they attempt to rescue a local girl from harassment by one of the commanding officers. The king, informed of the duo’s arrival by a trusted old friend, quickly releases them from prison and summons them to his chamber. The men are informed of an ancient shrine discovered after the recent earthquake, and the king requests their assistance in investigating this mysterious new discovery.
Ys Seven ISO PSP Highly Compressed for PPSSPP:

Adol and Dogi explore the surroundings of Aldago City, encountering two different sisters—a flower merchant and officers of the Royal Guard. Their bravery ultimately leads them into the depths of the fortified towers in the city, accused of being spies for a opposing force and competitor.

Despite their reputation preceding them, they are quickly released by order of the king, who personally asks them to go and investigate the mysterious phenomena that occurred not far from the capital trade city. During this mission, near the Temple of Sefya, Adol will come into contact with one of the Five Dragons of Altago for the first time. Adol and his companions will soon learn that Altago is suffering from an increasing, seemingly inevitable evil, and the Five Dragons bear the burden of saving this country from its seemingly predetermined and irreversible fate.

Ys Seven, the seventh installment in the Falcom series, is a highly dynamic and nerve-wracking action RPG with the right level of difficulty. The action is spread all over and interspersed with lively music. Your team consists of three characters, each specializing in handling weapons that affect their effectiveness against the monsters you’ll face (there are 3 types of weapons and 3 types of monsters). You can change your team configuration with the available characters at any time.

In a limited or nonexistent magic space, you can attack with your weapon and learn techniques called “skills,” which you can develop based on the weapon your character carries. The skill bar fills when you attack and empties when you use your special techniques. Dodges are fast and very useful, allowing you to quickly get out of the way when the situation becomes unfavorable or to avoid hits on your characters. This aspect of the gameplay makes it relatively frustrating but very easy to learn, where the movement sweeps and where the fighting sequences are fast-paced and relentless.

The game features numerous side quests and a large amount of items to collect, with the ability to create new equipment using “Synthesis,” which will require you to gather more or less rare materials to access things or weapons exclusively, thus extending the gameplay quite acceptably (between 30 and 35 hours excluding side quests). For the brave, there is the option to play the game in “Nightmare” mode, which offers a challenge befitting its ambition.

Additional Information: Ys Seven

Name: Ys Seven
Game Type: Action RPG
Game Size: 440MB

Download Ys Seven PSP compressed game for PPSSPP emulator.
Download Download Ys Seven PSP compressed game for PPSSPP emulator. 
Download the original game
Download - 440MO
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