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Download the game Gun Showdown PSP in a small size for the PPSSPP emulator on Android.

Download the game Gun Showdown PSP in a small size for the PPSSPP emulator on Android.
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Gun Showdown on the PPSSPP emulator for Android.

Gun Showdown on PSP is a modified and reimagined version of the PS2 game Gun. Play as Colton White and seek revenge against those who betrayed you. Find various weapons and face challenges in levels filled with ready-to-kill outlaws. Additionally, enjoy the multiplayer mode that offers many fast-paced games and three distinctive modes: Deathmatch, Golden Cross, and Poker.

Gun Showdown for ppsspp.rar download for Android. GUN Showdown puts players in the role of Colton White, a vengeful gunslinger making his way through the wild west in the late 19th century, where the lines between good and evil are blurry, and greed, lust, and brutality are a way of life. The game features all the action found in console versions, along with entirely new side missions, quick-play gameplay modes, multiplayer modes, and unique features for the PSP system.

Expansive Interactive World – Players roam on horseback or on foot through a living, populated environment stretching from the snowy mountains of Montana to the plains of Dodge City and the deserts of New Mexico, where danger lurks at every turn.

Variety of Missions – Experience a variety of missions such as waging war on horseback, searching for prizes, playing poker, protecting dance hall ladies, chasing buffalo, and assaulting border fortresses.

Wide Range of Gameplay – Includes multiple gameplay styles, including strategic shooting, precise shooting, stealth tactics, and explosive use. Embark on various side missions to master gunplay and horseback riding. Players can unlock secret weapons and upgrade skills and abilities to enhance the performance of their weapons and equipment.

Epic Story – Penned by Hollywood screenwriter Randall Jahnson (Mask of Zoro, The Doors), GUN’s thrilling story and evolving plot take players back to the lawless west, where they encounter dance hall ladies, a killer preacher, and many other characters.

Gun Showdown PPSSPP ISO PSP – The game Gun was originally released in 2005 as a launch title for the Xbox 360. In 2006, Sony decided to release a version of the game for the PSP called Gun: Showdown. They added some new features for interested players. Rebels brought this port to the PSP and did a decent job. I enjoyed replaying this game on my PSP; it wasn’t as epic as the first time I played, but it was still a fun experience.

If you really want to get the full effect of this 2005 game, I would go for the PSP, and not only will you get the best graphics that Gun has to offer, but you’ll also get those precious achievements. This is a great game to revisit if you’re craving Red Dead Redemption 2; I know it’s not as epic as the Rockstar series, but it’s genuinely a fun game that lets you be a cowboy. Choose this if you love the wild west and want to shoot your old gun at outlaws and Indians; you won’t regret it.


– The story is the same as the original release. You play as Colton White and immerse yourself in some Wild West violence. This violence eventually leads to the death of your father and the destruction of the steamboat you are currently on. Before your father dies, Ned, tells you to find a prostitute named Jenny in Dodge City; he also tells you that she’s not your sister. This sets Colton’s entire adventure in motion. You must find Jenny and uncover what you know about your past while trying to survive in the land of outlaw killers and Indians. This original story written by Randall Jahnson is one of the best stories to come out of Activision. I suggest staging a play with this classic title, for the story alone.

Voice Acting – One thing about Activision is that they love throwing money into games to make them top-notch. Gun and Gun: Showdown are no different. This game must have a massive budget for voice acting. When I played, I knew I recognized some voices. But then I looked it up to make sure. First and foremost, Thomas Jane takes on the role of Colton White. Ned is played by Blade’s friend Kris Kristofferson, and they are both good actors, giving a great voice to this game. However, they are not alone; Ron Perlman and Lance Henriksen and Tom Skerritt are also part of the voice acting team.

Graphics – PSP graphics are not something to be dismissed. Once I found out the game was a port, I compared the graphics of Xbox 360 and PSP. There wasn’t a huge difference. There was some slowdown on the PSP, but if this is the only way to play this game, you should. I would suggest the Xbox 360 version, but if you don’t have one, the PSP is the way to go.

Controls – Controls are somewhat challenging on the PSP since it doesn’t have a second control stick. But I got used to them quickly. Obviously, the control stick is moving Colton. Face buttons move the camera, which is tough. But I played some Siphon Filter on the PSP, so I got back into the groove quickly.

The right trigger is drawing your weapon, and it’s also shooting, to holster your weapon, you have to press down on the D-pad and press X. Pressing left on the D-pad is a quick draw, which allows you to slow time and kill shots on your enemies. If you get shot badly, press directly on the D-pad. Your whiskey bottle will empty a bit and refill your health. If your pistol isn’t your job weapon, press left on the D-pad to cycle through your current weapons.

Mini-Games – The additions to the PSP version are not the greatest additions to the port that I’ve seen. You get a set of mini-games. If you can’t beat the first challenge in the first mini-game, you’ll never be able to continue. You can hunt quail, bears, play some Texas Hold ’em, or even fight hordes of outlaws in quick-fire shootouts in case you don’t have time to jump into the main campaign of the game.

Download the game Gun Showdown PSP in a small size for the PPSSPP emulator on Android.
Download Download the game Gun Showdown PSP in a small size for the PPSSPP emulator on Android. 
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