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Download the compressed game Warriors of the Lost Empire for PSP for the PPSSPP emulator.

Download the compressed game Warriors of the Lost Empire for PSP for the PPSSPP emulator.
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Download the game Warriors of the Lost Empire for PSP on the PPSSPP emulator for Android.

Warriors of the Lost Empire PSP is an action and strategy game based on fortified towers. Go through them one by one with the hero you have pre-customized. Eliminate the harmful monsters that have invaded your city using fifty diverse weapons that you can combine with blacksmithing. Along the way, you will learn more facts about the rise of the Antinoplois Kingdom and the reasons for its fall.

The game’s events unfold in a fictional land built by the great Emperor Hadrianus long ago as a testimony to his beautiful wife Antinos. However, when Hadrianus mysteriously imprisoned himself in the temple, the city’s inhabitants began to flee. The city became besieged by criminals and other underworld creatures, and now a special team of warriors is tasked with investigating the lost city.

Warriors of the Lost Empire for ppsspp.rar download for Android.

The kingdom has fallen. The empire is in ruins. When all hope seemed lost, four champion warriors arose to revive a lost city. Storm the fortified towers and search for the evil that has swept your land, bringing glory back to the empire! Hack-N-Slash your way through infested towers in this action RPG hybrid. Collect items and raw materials to craft fantastic weapons to defeat your enemies. Hunt for rare and hidden treasures, learn powerful new techniques, combos, and conquer the evil that has befallen your kingdom.

The graphic prowess of PSP brings characters and enemies to life with clarity and detail. There are stunning special effects when performing abilities, illuminating the screen and adding to the dramatic flair.

Hundreds of items and configurations to choose from for customization – upgrade and enhance your weapon and armor. Purchase upgrades from non-playable characters to expand customization further.

Choose from 4 avatars, each with unique abilities and skills. Choose the one most suitable for your play style.

Multiplayer – explore and conquer various fortified towers with another player. Fortified Tower mode adds replay value by allowing players to combine their skills to re-explore fortified towers for additional content once cleared.

Fast-paced loading times – move from floor to floor inside the fortified towers to keep the action fast and furious.

Warriors of the Lost Empire ISO PSP Highly Compressed PPSSPP.

Warriors of the Lost Empire is an action RPG video game published by Mercury Games and released on February 1, 2008, for the PlayStation Portable. You play as a mercenary contracted to find the emperor who disappeared after heading to create a new city as a kind of refuge away from the gloom. You have the opportunity to play as one of four different characters, each with a different reason for primarily working as a mercenary, but nothing of this seems genuinely important. The credit goes to the developers who take the trouble to create distinctive stories for the characters, and to follow them throughout the game and in the end.

Each mission will send you to different dungeons hidden throughout the city for one reason or another, and except for the monsters you will find inside, almost every dungeon looks the same. The first half of the game’s fortified towers are structured and hidden, while the second half is white-blue and resembles a temple. To make matters worse, the experience of crawling into the fortified towers is tasteless and ridiculously direct, as you can imagine. The fortified towers are divided into five to ten randomly created floors, each with one exit door that can be found by traveling in almost any direction. While the doors will turn into magical elevators halfway through and some rooms will require you to defeat all the monsters inside to continue, the majority of the gameplay will never change. Boss battles that crown each dungeon reveal the same amount and rarely require any real strategy to complete.

Additional Information:

Name: Warriors of the Lost Empire
Game Type: Action RPG
Release Date: February 19, 2009
Game Size: 1.6 GB
Supported Devices: PSP, PPSSPP emulator
File Format: ISO PSP

Download the compressed game Warriors of the Lost Empire for PSP for the PPSSPP emulator.
Download Download the compressed game Warriors of the Lost Empire for PSP for the PPSSPP emulator. 
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