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Download WALL-E PSP compressed for PPSSPP emulator.

Download WALL-E PSP compressed for PPSSPP emulator.
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WALL-E on PPSSPP for Android

Adapted from the animated feature film produced by Disney-Pixar, this title on PSP allows players to relive the most thrilling moments of the movie by controlling the small robot Wall-E and his companion EVE. Explore the film’s environment and some new settings in a futuristic adventure game across 27 stages and various multiplayer challenges.

Race, glide, and shoot as you guide the WALL•E and EVE robots through a fast-paced adventure. From the wastelands on Earth to the Axiom spaceship, throw cubes and avoid obstacles while exploring continuously action-packed and adventurous worlds through 27 stages. Face multiplayer challenges side by side with up to four players, avoiding dangerous enemies and completing intense missions as you navigate your way through a futuristic galaxy!

WALL-E for PPSSPP.rar download for Android

WALL-E PSP is available to play on the Playstation Portable. This English version of WALL-E is exclusively on al3bkm.com. Download WALL-E and use it with the PPSSPP emulator, whether your device’s RAM is strong, average, or weak – there is no difference, as the game is compatible with all requirements. Play PSP games on your desktop computer, mobile, and tablets with the highest quality, exclusively available with a direct and fast download link. We hope you enjoy this game, and if you want another PSP game, you can request it in the comments.

Navigate your way through a futuristic galaxy to save the planet in WALL-E, the story of the little robot that could. Due to the rampant consumerism, at some point in the near future, Earth is covered in garbage and pollution to the extent that it forces humanity to leave the planet. However, before the departure of humanity, they built millions of small robots programmed to clean the planet. Unfortunately, the cleaning program does not go as planned, leaving the cleaning process in the hands of the little robot hero WALL•E and his beloved interest EVE only.

Race, burst, and navigate as you take the future robots WALL•E and EVE through a fast-paced adventure. From the wastelands on Earth to the Axiom spaceship, throw cubes, explode robots, and avoid obstacles as you recover some of the film’s most thrilling moments and explore 9 continuously action-packed and adventurous worlds. Additionally, face multiplayer challenges and go head-to-head. Dodge dangerous enemies, execute intense tasks, and save the world.


In 2805, Earth was covered in garbage and abandoned, while people were evacuated by the giant company Buy-N-Large on giant starships. Buy-N-Large left behind WALL-E garbage compactor robots to clean up the mess, but they all eventually stopped working, except for one unit that gained consciousness. One day, WALL-E discovered a plant in the refrigerator and encountered an unmanned spacecraft deploying the EVE probe to scan the planet for signs of life, without much success. WALL-E is fascinated by EVE, who was initially hostile after nearly shooting him but quickly became his friend. As a sandstorm sweeps through the city, WALL-E and EVE make their way through the storm, having to overcome WALL-E’s disabled WALL-A along the way. After reaching the WALL-E truck, she shows her various items alongside the plant. The plant suddenly takes root and goes into standby mode, leaving WALL-E wondering why it closed and left it on the truck. The ship then returns to collect EVE, and WALL-E races toward her and stops when she returns to her mothership, the Starliner Axiom.

Additional Information:

Name: WALL-E
Game Type: Action Adventure
Game Size: 300mb
Supported Devices: PSP, PPSSPP emulator
File Format: ISO PSP

Download WALL-E PSP compressed for PPSSPP emulator.
Download Download WALL-E PSP compressed for PPSSPP emulator. 
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