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Download Undead Knights PSP compressed for PPSSPP emulator on Android.

Download Undead Knights PSP compressed for PPSSPP emulator on Android.
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Download Undead Knights PSP on the PPSSPP emulator for Android.

Undead Knights for PlayStation Portable is an action-packed PSP game that allows you to play as undead knights leading a group of zombies. Lead your army to attack numerous castles and slaughter their inhabitants. You can revive those who fall from your enemies, and they can join your ranks. Amplify the destructive hordes against the backdrop of metal music to satisfy your dark intentions.

Undead Knights for PPSSPP.rar download for Android.

A medieval clan known as House Blood was unjustly slaughtered in one night after daring to criticize King Kirk for being under the influence of his deceitful wife, Fatima. Three prominent members of House Blood were resurrected by a mysterious entity, granting them the power to summon souls. Eager for revenge, the trio rampages across the land seeking retribution against those who caused their deaths.

Undead Knights PPSSPP is an action-packed fighting game for Android.

You can download Undead Knights PSP for Android in a small size from MediaFire. Each chapter provides players with a set of objectives to complete before they can progress further. These range from defeating a certain number of enemies to infiltrating specific areas using zombies. Checkpoints are marked with a white point on the stage map. Killing enemies or destroying objects earns souls, which act as additional points to gain the dark energy needed to unlock new skills. The more souls they collect, the higher their rank. Performance rank is determined by the accumulated souls and how quickly they clear the stage.

Multiplayer mode allows players to challenge each other through various multiplayer missions divided into three different categories:

Survival Race – A timed challenge where up to four players must survive against each other by any necessary means.
King Battle – The goal is to defeat the boss first before any other player. Players can disable competing zombies by touching the candles that appear in the area.
Undead Battle – Players are tasked with attacking each other using their own zombie hordes. Winning objectives vary depending on the chosen mission type in this challenge.
Undead Knights PPSSPP ISO PSP lets you play as the anti-hero, building the most ruthless and sinister army imaginable. Prepare to cleanse your army’s mouths with soap as they engage in zombie-bashing dialogue set to intense metal music that helps channel your inner anger. If you can handle your army’s painful antics, loud talk, liquid spitting, and limb amputation, you can embark on your journey for revenge against the king.

The Dark Hero Persona – Allows you to play as an unconventional main character who acts as an antagonist to the hero.

Create a Zombie Army – Defeat as many enemies as possible to turn them into your personal soldiers.

Combo Attacks – Choose up to ten different mixed attacks to fight your way through diverse enemies, ranging from animals to soldiers.

Show Some Personality – Prepare to wash your army’s mouth with soap as they engage in zombie-bashing dialogue.

Head-Banging Madness – The raging metal soundtrack helps channel your inner anger.

Additional Information:

Name: Undead Knights
Game Type: Fighting and Action
Release Date: February 26, 2010
Game Size: 248MB
Supported Devices: PSP, PPSSPP Emulator
File Format: PSP ISO

Download Undead Knights PSP compressed for PPSSPP emulator on Android.
Download Download Undead Knights PSP compressed for PPSSPP emulator on Android. 
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