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Download Gangs of London PSP game in a small size for the PPSSPP emulator

Download Gangs of London PSP game in a small size for the PPSSPP emulator
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Download Gangs of London PSP game for Android PPSSPP in a small size.

Gangs of London PSP is an open-world action-adventure video game released in 2006 for Sony’s PlayStation Portable console. Developed by London Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, the player has the option to play as five different gangs in London, each with different backgrounds and styles.

One of the most memorable video games when I was in elementary school in 2007. I played and completed this game, even the mini-games were fun. During that time, I was passionate about gangster games, especially for PSP. Honestly, it’s one of the best gangster games released in 2006. Also, it’s good for exploring the city of London.

Download Gangs of London for PPSSPP emulator from MediaFire.

During the storyline mode in Gangs of London PPSSPP, players are given a variety of objectives. One objective may involve entering an armed nightclub with a rock-drilling machine, while another may include trying to push the enemy off the road or attempting to drive the player away from the road. There are also kidnapping missions, stealth missions, and racing missions. Once the story mode is completed, it concludes with a cliffhanger ending. Outside of missions, players can freely roam the game environment and complete side activities like taking pictures of London landmarks or running over pedestrians. The game also features pub mini-games accessible from one of the bars. The four pub games are darts, bowling, pool, and an arcade game similar to Snake.

Action meets strategy as you take on the fiercest gangs in London in an attempt to control the capital. With the opportunity to play as one of five gangs, you must use brains and brawn to overcome rival criminal factions and dominate the city’s underworld. Be the boss of gangs such as Cockney, Triad, Yardie, Russian, or Pakistani and benefit from a number of unique and challenging game modes: Core Action Game – Choose the gang you want to lead, be prepared for dirty fights, and use your wits to stay at the top of the competition.

Each mission is separated by stunning comic-book-style narratives that guide you through the backstory of the mastermind criminals fighting for the right to be called Mr. Big – London’s top gangster. Gangs of London also introduces a role-playing strategy game completely new to the PSP. Using a mix of skill, nerve, and chance, players can face up to four other players on one PSP—or compete against artificial intelligence controlled by the PSP. Free Roaming allows you to explore the streets of London and deal with them on your own terms—choose what suits you from characters, vehicles, weapons, and mission objectives.

Features of Gangs of London PPSSPP for Android:

Choose from five different gangs and witness the story unfold.
Engage in tactical urban battles and switch between gang members on the fly.
Over 60 missions offering a mix of shooting, tactical battles, and diverse driving challenges.
The story mode allows players to choose the gang they want to lead and must use strategy and skill to stay one step ahead of rival gangs.
The Gang Battle mode provides players with an interactive map where they must use criminal power to attack and defend London areas.
Gang Battle mode can be played by up to 15 players on a single PSP system.

Additional Information:

Name: Gangs of London
Game Version: 2006-09-01
Game Type: Adventures and Action
Game Size: 900 MB or 400 MB
Supported Devices: PSP, PPSSPP Emulator
File Format: ISO PSP

Download Gangs of London PSP game in a small size for the PPSSPP emulator
Download Download Gangs of London PSP game in a small size for the PPSSPP emulator 
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