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Download the Power Stone Collection PSP game in a small size for the PPSSPP emulator.

Download the Power Stone Collection PSP game in a small size for the PPSSPP emulator.
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Download Power Stone 2 game for Android PPSSPP in a small size.

Power Stone Collection Story: Without warning, the sky is filled with ominous dark clouds, and a giant shadow spreads over the area, shaking the earth with its roars. Suddenly, a mysterious floating castle appears out of nowhere. During the event, Power Stone fighters are captured by the forces of evil and transported to the castle. Now, they must find a way to escape from the castle.

Power Stone 2 is a multiplayer fighting game built on the innovative gameplay introduced by its predecessor, Power Stone. Power Stone 2 allows up to four players to choose from multiple characters and use items like tables, chairs, and rocks in battle.

Power Stone 2 originated as an arcade game, like many other games on PSP. The PSP served as a testing ground for successful arcade games. It includes some differences from the original, such as new character voices, the removal of the current editing system, and the new horizontal status bar.

Download Power Stone Collection for the PPSSPP emulator for Android from MediaFire.

In addition to Power Stone 2, there is an “Adventure” mode. This mode is functionally equivalent to “1 on 1” and “Arcade” modes; however, there is an additional inventory filled with items and money collected by the player. These can then be transferred to the game’s “Item Shop,” managed by the secretive character Mel. The overall goal of the Item Shop is to allow players access to new items, either by purchasing them or by combining existing items in the “Mixing” process. This adds significant replay value to the game, as many of the best or most entertaining items are only available from the Item Shop.

Power Stone 2 includes a VMU application called Mini-Book. This can be used to examine the player’s inventory of items or trade items with another player. Additionally, the player can register up to five items in their inventory as “Hand Items.” These can then appear for the player in the original mode, providing a tactical advantage.

Power Stone Collection PSP is available to play on PlayStation Portable for Android PPSSPP. This Power Stone Collection game is the American English version exclusively on al3bkm.com. Download Power Stone Collection and use it with the PPSSPP emulator, whether your device’s RAM is powerful, average, or weak, as there is no difference, as the game is compatible with all requirements. Play PSP games on desktop computers, mobiles, and tablets with the highest quality, available exclusively with a direct and fast download link. We hope you enjoy this game, and if you want another PSP game, you can request it in the comments.

Features of Power Stone Collection PPSSPP for Android:

Power Stone 2 offers five interactive 3D stages to start with, in addition to two main stages that players can also access in the original mode. Everything is played except the original mode as a story, where two battles are fought in regular stages, followed by the Pharaoh Walker boss, then another battle, ending with the Dr. Erode boss stage. Three additional stages for the original mode can be unlocked by meeting specific requirements in Arcade mode, in addition to the Desert Zone stage, which is essentially the Pharaoh Walker boss stage but without the boss. Although each player has their default set of ground and aerial attacks, the character can execute more powerful Fusion attacks after collecting three Power Stones and transforming them. Power Stone 2 does not provide a blocking opportunity, although clicking on the control panel just before the enemy attack will make you evade. Most stages are dynamic and will change as the battle progresses. For example, the airplane stage begins aboard a warplane. After a specified time, the plane will crash, forcing all players to fight while parachuting to the ground. After a short period, players will land on a floating platform, where the rest of the battle will take place. This, in essence, creates three sub-stages within one.

Additional Information:

Name: Power Stone Collection
Game Type: Action”

Download the Power Stone Collection PSP game in a small size for the PPSSPP emulator.
Download Download the Power Stone Collection PSP game in a small size for the PPSSPP emulator. 
Download the original game
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