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Download Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow compressed game for the PPSSPP emulator.

Download Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow compressed game for the PPSSPP emulator.
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Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow PSP game on the PPSSPP emulator for Android.

Download Siphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow for PSP is an action/stealth game featuring the special agent Gabe Logan for a completely new story. It introduces new gameplay features such as underwater combat: fight in realistic underwater environments. Blindfire for cover when your life is at stake and use your enemies as human shields with the new canine feature.
Download Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow for PPSSPP on Android.
Who would have bet a few years ago, back in the past, that the Siphon Filter series would improve over time and be revived on PSP after its ups and downs on PS2? The person who could predict all of this is indeed very clever. Logan’s Shadow also contributes to the progress curve of this epic, even if we can’t overlook some unresolved flaws.
After recovering from the epic image, Dark Mirror allowed the Siphon Filter franchise to rise from its ashes. However, in absolute terms, this episode was just an alternative, certainly elegant, to the earlier episodes released on PlayStation. Nevertheless, thanks to Sony’s perfect handheld device, adapted gameplay, and diverse adventure, this part will delight fans from the start. So, Logan’s Shadow no longer benefits from the surprise factor, copying its model to the letter. However, we cannot blame the developers who continue to bring many delightful small innovations in their bag that smoothly breathe a second wind into this adventure.

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow PPSSPP action game for Android.

Logan’s Shadow is played from a third-person perspective. With Havok physics, enemies and objects realistically interact with gunfire and other interaction methods. Logan’s Shadow features new weapons and gameplay mechanics in the series. These additions include enhancements to the cover system like side-to-side movement, leaning, blindfiring around obstacles and corners, an advanced melee system allowing Gabe to use enemies as human shields, regenerating health, and underwater combat.
Havok physics engine provides lifelike physical reactions on both characters and environments.
New and enhanced weapons, such as grenade launchers, sticky mines, smoke bombs, and rapid explosions.
New character movements allow players to force enemies to take cover with blindfire or protect health with new human shield features.
Underwater physics allow players to experience 360-degree water navigation to explore shipwrecks and target enemies with new underwater weapons like the screwdriver pistol and harpoon gun.
Improved friend mechanics.

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow PPSSPP ISO PSP.

Gabe Logan makes a dramatic return this fall in Siphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow exclusively for the PSP portable entertainment system. This original title created by Sony’s Bend Studio is a sequel to the award-winning action title, Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror, featuring combat mechanics, weapons, and a compelling story that makes you wonder who to trust. In a completely new story written by Greg Rucka, author of the novel and comic book series, Queen and Country, Siphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow provides a sophisticated and engaging story sure to resonate with comic book enthusiasts and action lovers. We find Gabe Logan once again using a blend of stealth gameplay and “run and gun” as he is called into action when new dangerous technology is abducted by an extremist criminal group. In a story that takes him from the depths of the Indian Ocean to the deserts of the Middle East, Gabe faces the possibility that his long-time partner, Lian Xing, may be a double agent. New small game features, a brand new trademark in the Siphon Filter franchise. All the new story is written by Greg Rucka, the critically acclaimed author of comics and novels (Batman, Gotham Central, Queen and Country).

Additional Information:

Name: Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow
Game Type: Action, Shooter
Game Size: 1GB
Release Date: 2007
Supported Devices: PSP, PPSSPP emulator
File Format: PSP ISO

Download Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow compressed game for the PPSSPP emulator.
Download Download Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow compressed game for the PPSSPP emulator. 
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