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Download Manhunt 2 PSP Game for Android on PPSSPP Emulator.

Download Manhunt 2 PSP Game for Android on PPSSPP Emulator.
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Download Manhunt 2 PSP Game for Android on PPSSPP Emulator

Since its announcement, the game Manhunt 2 for PSP has stirred controversy, easily being considered a sequel to one of the most uniquely themed stealth-action titles ever and serving as a beacon for watchdog groups condemning violence in video games. For fans, the issue was much simpler: could the title match or surpass the mechanics that made the first title work so well? With previous rating issues delaying the title significantly, Rockstar London and Rockstar Games finally released Manhunt 2 for PS2, PSP, and Wii. But while the first title indeed broke new ground on the console, the sequel is not nearly of the same quality as the original version.

The original Manhunt was a practical commentary on entertainment, with the premise shining a light on one of the most extreme forms of personal entertainment: a man fighting for survival with a sadistic director capturing his every move for a series of snuff films. The sequel doesn’t attempt to build on the story of James Earl Cash or the Starkweather death, or establish any connection to the previous title. Instead, it approaches an entirely new theme, somewhat influenced by The Manchurian Candidate in addition to other titles like The Suffering. While I won’t give away any spoilers for the plot, the story covers everything from mind control and character manipulation to secret medical projects, mental memories, and internal behavioral conflicts.

Features of Manhunt 2 PSP for PPSSPP Emulator on Android:

A disastrous experiment conducted in a secret research facility. Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper are the only ones left alive. The Pickman project will stop at nothing to hunt them down and prevent the truth from coming out.
Insane screams echo around the damp Dixmor Asylum, where you’ve been confined for the past six years. You open your eyes. A white-painted body slides to the ground through your trembling hands. A bloody syringe falls from your arm. Waves of confusion and paranoia crash over you. You have no idea about your identity or how you got here.
Your cell door is open. One choice. One chance. They took your life. It’s time to reclaim it.
Gameplay is more familiar, where your limited access to heavy weapons and the large number of enemies out to get you mean you have to spend a lot of time sneaking through the shadows. It gets to the point where you have to use the lights to increase your sanity and regulate your breathing when enemies are nearby to ensure you’re not detected. Stealth aspects work much like Metal Gear or any of its successors, and the difference here is that hiding isn’t a new gadget or a peripheral plot but the only way to stay alive in the game.

Hide-and-seek mechanics are nuanced and require real skill
Execution moves serve as a gruesome reward for good performance
Bold visual design sets the right tone for anxiety and horror
The story is extremely creepy and ominous

Download Manhunt 2 Game for PPSSPP Emulator on Android

Manhunt 2 PSP features several upgrades to the game and an entirely new story, following the life of a young doctor named Daniel Lamb. To maintain his well-paying job and meet the needs of his wife and children, Daniel becomes a guinea pig for underground research after the funding for the Pickman project is pulled. Unfortunately for Daniel, the experiments on his body failed, and he was sent to spend the rest of his life in Dixmore Asylum. After six years, Daniel still shares his space with criminally insane and wonders if his previous life even existed. After an electrical storm causes a power outage at the asylum, prisoners take control, and Daniel leaves the institution to uncover the mysteries of his past and why he doesn’t remember anything about himself.

Players lead Daniel through various different locations to discover his past, sneak past former enemies, and use things in the environment to defeat any assailants. Players learn how to move and kill while evading asylum enemies, using stealth to follow targets silently and triggering more thrilling animated executions by waiting for the indicator to turn from white to red. Unfortunately, hiding in the shadows is no longer a guaranteed safe haven, and players may find themselves engaged in a quick mini-game to avoid detection if caught by enemies while moving in the dark.

Additional Information:

Name: Manhunt 2
Game Type: Horror, Stealth, Action
Release Date: October 29, 2007
Game Size: 900 MB
Supported Devices: PSP, PPSSPP Emulator
File Format: PSP ISO

Download Manhunt 2 PSP Game for Android on PPSSPP Emulator.
Download Download Manhunt 2 PSP Game for Android on PPSSPP Emulator. 
Download Manhunt 2
Download - 900 MO
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