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Download Killzone Liberation PSP game for the PPSSPP emulator on Android.

Download Killzone Liberation PSP game for the PPSSPP emulator on Android.
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Download Killzone: Liberation PSP, the complementary part of Killzone, released exclusively for the PlayStation Portable. It is the second installment in the Killzone franchise. Killzone: Liberation was released on October 31, 2006, in North America, November 3, 2006, in Europe, and November 8, 2006, in Australia. It is the first and only game in the series released on PSP, and the only game in the series rated T for Teens, but it’s also the only game in the series not rated M for Mature.

Killzone: Liberation for Android PPSSPP is compressed from MediaFire.

This game features an isometric view unlike the rest of the Killzone series, which are first-person shooter games. The resulting gameplay can be seen as a mix of a top-down shooter and a dungeon crawler or a Contra-type game from top to bottom. Missions are presented in sets that players can choose in any order, but completing certain missions first has an impact on other missions.

Players can only control Jan Templar, although he can ride various vehicles and control them: heavy machine gun turrets, tanks, helicopters, and jet planes. During some levels, a “companion” can be called (though some are unarmed). These “companions” are usually team members (Rico and Luger) or people that need to be rescued (the three important characters in mission three, chapter one, and Evelyn in mission three and four, chapter four).

By collecting various pickups in the form of money bags, the player unlocks new weapons to use in the game. These weapons can be found in various weapon caches in specific levels. After collecting enough money, upgraded V2 weapons become available. Existing weapons in caches are also converted to upgraded V2 versions.

Players can also unlock upgrades for Templar’s abilities by completing challenge games within certain limits (such as shooting a certain number of “enemy targets” without shooting “civilian targets”). These are classified as bronze, silver, and gold. Upgrades come in the form of carrying more items, hitting harder in close-quarters combat, performing actions faster, or improving health.

Download Killzone: Liberation PSP for the original PPSSPP emulator in a small size from MediaFire.

Although Killzone on PlayStation 2 in 2004 may not be one of the characters we proudly remember from first-person sci-fi shooters, Killzone: Liberation for the PSP must leave a lasting impression for one reason. Liberation has no relation to its PS2 predecessor in terms of gameplay perspective. It’s still a shooter, but the viewpoint has been switched to an isometric view, from top to bottom, and the action has improved significantly. This game provides a considerable amount of intense shooting action, with strong enemies that don’t lie down and die easily. Introduce a dedicated competitive multiplayer component and full campaign cooperative play, and you get a truly excellent package.

Features of Killzone: Liberation PSP for PPSSPP emulator:

Killzone: Liberation, two months after the events of Killzone, most of the southern areas of Vekta are still under Helghast control. The rules of war have been abandoned by Helghast General Metrac, who used brutal measures to seize the initiative and strengthen his position. Back as Templar, players will be sent on a mission to carry out a covert operation to rescue hostages captured by Metrac, while ISA forces continue to fight for freedom. Killzone: Liberation features a smart third-person perspective camera system, allowing players a tactical view to observe their actions and read the enemy’s behavior during gameplay. The events of Killzone: Liberation take place in a severe post-modern war that reminds us of the title of the previous version, featuring a unique graphical style to highlight determination and pure realism. During the game, players will have access to a variety of unique and innovative weapons inspired by modern military equipment.
Tightly focused and highly satisfying shooting action.
Visually stunning graphics and excellent sound.
A complete set of custom multiplayer modes, both competitive and cooperative.
Extremely challenging.

Download Killzone Liberation PSP game for the PPSSPP emulator on Android.
Download Download Killzone Liberation PSP game for the PPSSPP emulator on Android. 
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