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Download Jackass The Game psp compressed for ppsspp emulator

Download Jackass The Game psp compressed for ppsspp emulator
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Download Jackass The Game PSP on PPSSPP Emulator for Android

Jackass: The Game is a party video game based on the TV series Jackass. It was developed by Sidhe for the PlayStation Portable. In this thrilling and outrageous series of stunts and pranks, this time you’re in the director’s seat. Control your favorite mischief-makers through a wide range of entirely new challenges. The absurd antics reduce self-harm, degradation, and ethical standards you love and expect from this special group of fools.

After Jeff Tremaine enters the hospital, the crew invites the player to step up and fill the role of Jackass manager. The player’s goal is to collect the best shots from up to 36 different daredevil moves throughout the game to create an entirely new season of Jackass for MTV. All the outrageous acts have a minimum content requirement before MTV approves airing the episode. These requirements are divided into specific objectives for each stunt. The new season requires seven episodes of Jackass footage.

Features of Jackass The Game PSP and PPSSPP Emulator for Android

Jackass: The Game is a silly action game based on the MTV TV show of the same name. Like its massive television counterpart, Jackass: The Game features a plethora of bizarre and dangerous stunts attempted by a noisy group of skateboarders and daredevils. Instead of watching from the sidelines, this adaptation puts you in the director’s chair, tasked with recreating the crazy stunts for an entirely new season of the TV show. With a variety of play modes, some wild mini-games, and an abundance of event jokes, Jackass: The Game offers a mix of noisy, outrageous behavior and painful falls.

Over 50 crazy and thrilling stunts
Unlockable characters and costumes
Includes story mode and multiplayer options

Download Jackass The Game PPSSPP for Android

Jackass: The Game for PSP features exciting games from the show and movies, inviting players to take on the roles of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, among others, and perform painful and thrilling stunts unique to each character. Players will roll, crash, fall, and collide in forty mini-games such as “San Fran Trash Can,” “Snow Job,” “Bus Surfing,” and “Grenade Golf,” either solo or as a group of four. For the smaller-sized antics, players can access a special set of mini-games, such as “Whac-a-Weeman,” focusing on “Weeman’s” abilities and skills. In the “Director” mode, players can revisit previous missions, add zoom in/out, slow-motion, and other effects, then share them with other players.

There are three available play modes in Jackass: The Game, including MTV Story Mode, Challenge Mode, and Multiplayer. In MTV Story Mode, you must complete seven episodes of the show by participating in and filming five unique stunts. To successfully progress to the next episode, you must earn enough revenue by achieving high ratings in individual thrilling acts. Each stunt has an additional checklist featuring about 5 “Video Wishlist” objectives, requiring you to hit some props, achieve a high injury rate, or complete the stunt within a specific time frame. Each episode of the show has a loose theme, with a variety of thrilling acts ranging from jumping shopping carts to skateboarding through suburbs.

Once you complete a stunt in story mode, it is unlocked in challenge mode, where you can retry with more objectives to complete. Performing stunts in challenge mode earns you money, which can be spent at Jackass Mart. Here, you can unlock a variety of cosmetic items, including over 20 props, characters, and new costumes, as well as concept art and clips from the show. The game also includes some fun multiplayer modes, including competitive battles between four players and direct confrontations. There are five unique thrilling moves in face-to-face battles, including a modified version of rock-paper-scissors and some shooting galleries. Competitive multiplayer puts four players in a Robin competition, where you must outperform your opponents across a variety of mini-games.

Additional Information:

Name: Jackass The Game
Game Type: Action and Comedy
Release Date: September 24, 2007
Game Size: 1.6GB
Supported Devices: PSP, PPSSPP Emulator
File Format: ISO PSP

Download Jackass The Game psp compressed for ppsspp emulator
Download Download Jackass The Game psp compressed for ppsspp emulator 
Download the compressed game
Download - 1.6 GO
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