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Download compressed Toukiden Kiwami PSP game for PPSSPP emulator.

Download compressed Toukiden Kiwami PSP game for PPSSPP emulator.
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Download Toukiden Kiwami PSP game on the PPSSPP emulator in a small size.

Toukiden Kiwami is an action RPG game developed by Omega Force for the PlayStation Portable. It was released on June 27, 2013, in Japan. Tecmo Koei showcased the PSP version of the game at E3 2014, and it was exclusively released in North America on February 11, 2014, for the PlayStation Vita. A sequel titled Toukiden 2 was released in 2016 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

The journey was interesting for me after spending a lot of time playing the original version on a handheld screen. Character models have more details, environments look better, and the towering bosses are more distinctive. I can appreciate their designs even if many of them carry over from the original Toukiden with some changes.

In the world of Toukiden, demons (Oni) lurk in the shadows with the aim of tormenting humanity. Throughout history, a secret sect of warriors, the Slayers, has been trained to eliminate the demonic threat before it can consume the world. However, an event called “The Awakening” caused rifts in time and space, bringing back places that had long disappeared and unleashing hordes of demons that ruthlessly prey on humans.

Features of Toukiden Kiwami for PSP and PPSSPP emulator include:

Structurally, the game closely resembles the PSP Monster Hunters, with map areas divided into numbered zones, each separated by a few seconds of loading time.
The graphics are improved compared to the PSP version, with particularly impressive main monsters in terms of size and detail.
The story takes place in the village of Utakata, one of the few remaining fortifications against the relentless Oni.
After playing through the Toukiden: Kiwami story to completion, I can’t praise it enough. I loved how each character was developed independently, and I could feel these emotional highs and lows throughout the experience. It took me to all these places that completely captured my attention – and that’s the biggest draw here easily.

New features include the ability to command non-playable characters if you’re playing offline, instructing them to attack, defend, assist each other, or act freely. I usually leave my party to their own devices where the developers did a great job with artificial intelligence.

Original world drawn in Japanese history
The addition of guns and naginata makes weapon choices more diverse and enjoyable.
Your companion Tenko can gather materials or support you in battle.
Great soundtrack with an amazing amount of diversity, especially as the story approaches its end.
The game’s graphics are detailed, beautiful, and exceptional.

Download Toukiden Kiwami PSP game for Android PPSSPP compressed.

Toukiden is a third-person perspective monster hunting game where groups of players or non-playable characters fight together against various monsters during missions. Each player can customize their choice of weapons, armor, and skills. Special abilities can be obtained by using souls, or Mitama, which can be collected as the game progresses. These Mitama can level up by gaining experience from battles or by paying a certain amount of Haku. Different Mitama have different abilities with various attributes, and they can be categorized into different groups such as offensive, defensive, or restorative. When killing a monster, players or non-playable characters can “purify” the monster, collecting useful items to upgrade weapons and armor. Monsters are divided into small and large Oni, with large Oni being boss-type enemies within the game.

Additional Information:

Name: Toukiden Kiwami
Game Type: Action RPG
Game Size: 1GB
Supported Devices: PSP, PPSSPP emulator
File Format: ISO PSP

Download compressed Toukiden Kiwami PSP game for PPSSPP emulator.
Download Download compressed Toukiden Kiwami PSP game for PPSSPP emulator. 
Download the compressed game
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