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Download compressed Patapon PSP game for PPSSPP emulator.

Download compressed Patapon PSP game for PPSSPP emulator.
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Download Patapon PSP game on the PPSSPP emulator.

Patapon is a video game developed in 2007 in collaboration with Pyramid and Japan Studio, published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). The game’s unique genre is described as a mix of rhythm and strategy. The game’s concept and design were conceived when the game designer Hiroyuki Kotani discovered designs of Patapons on the personal website of the French artist Rolito. The name ‘Patapon’ was created by Rolito and is inspired by an old French word meaning ‘children.’ Kotani chose the name because it resembles marching and drumming. It was released in Japan in December 2007 and later for North America and Europe. A sequel titled Patapon 2 was released on November 27, 2008.

In Patapon, the player assumes the role of a deity worshipped by an army of solid-eyed creatures known as Patapons. The Patapon village serves as the main hub, allowing players to revive fallen forces, select missions, and play mini-games. Before each mission, players can choose up to three different unit types for battle, with Hatapon carrying the flag as the leader of the units. There are six possible unit types to choose from: Tatepons with shields and swords, Yaripons carrying spears, Yumipons with bows and arrows, Kibapons as lance-wielding knights, Dekapons with heavy maces, and Tuba controlling Megapons. Each unit can have three to six soldiers at most, depending on the type.

During missions, players can command Patapons by inputting specific sequences using the face buttons on the PSP, each representing a drumbeat. These sequences can command the tribe to advance, attack, defend, and perform other actions. The pulsating edge indicates to the player which rhythm to input commands. Successfully inputting a suitable sequence synchronized with the beat will push the tribe into a ‘fever,’ increasing their attack and defense bonuses. Fever can be achieved by maintaining a mix of 10 or achieved early with a gather of 3 or more, and executing the command perfectly synchronized. If the player stops leading the Patapons or inputs commands outside the rhythm boundaries, the rhythm will be lost, and the fever will end. During fever, miracles can be performed that affect the weather, such as summoning rain to cool the scorching desert or calling strong winds to aid Yumipons’ arrows.

Once the mission is complete, players can return to a previous mission to obtain additional resources and equipment to build their forces before a larger battle. Materials, weapons, armor, and currency known as ‘Ka-ching’ can be obtained from defeated enemies to fortify the player’s forces. If Patapon is defeated in battle, they drop a cover that can be used to revive Patapon once the mission is completed. If the cover is not recovered during the mission, Patapon is permanently lost. New Patapons can be created in the Patapon village using the Tree of Life and require Ka-ching and materials such as sticks, stones, and branches. The use of rare versions of these materials results in creating stronger forms of Patapons.

Features of Patapon PSP for PPSSPP emulator:

Enter the world of Patapons, a small and brave tribe.
Lead your lost tribe to the edge of their world with your war drum rhythm and train them into an army of warriors.
Using simple drum beats, command your tribe to march, attack, and defend against fierce monsters, giant creatures, and the evil Zigoton army.
Watch as your tribe grows in strength and numbers as you progress through this adventure.
Unlock a variety of warrior types, from infantry to knights, archers to spear men, and maximize them for battle using a variety of weapon and armor upgrades.
With the war drum rhythm, lead a tribal army into wide-ranging battles.
March on Patapon across thirty different environments where fierce monsters and the evil Zigoton army await the attack.
Collect over a hundred weapons, items, and build an army of different warrior types.
Extra mini-games combine graphical style with tribal music.
Download Patapon PPSSPP game for Android.
In the game, the player acts as an invisible god for the Patapon tribe, directing them forward, attacking, defending, and retreating using a series of drum beats. The story follows the Patapon tribe on their journey to reach the land and gaze at ‘IT’ technology. They face giant monsters, the Zigoton enemy tribe, throughout their adventure.

Patapon was well-received by critics, with many praising the art style of the Patapon tribe and the music. Some reviewers criticized its repetitive nature and the absence of a pause option. The game received multiple nominations, including a BAFTA award and won the Best PSP Game of 2008 from IGN. It led to ports for the PlayStation 4 and two sequels for the PSP: Patapon 2 and Patapon 3, becoming the first entries in the Patapon series.

Additional Information:

Name: Patapon
Game Type: Action, Adventure, Music/Rhythm
Release Date: December 20, 2007
Game Size: 198 MB
Supported Devices: PSP, PPSSPP emulator
File Format: ISO PSP.”

Download compressed Patapon PSP game for PPSSPP emulator.
Download Download compressed Patapon PSP game for PPSSPP emulator. 
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