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Download compressed Blast Off PSP game for ppsspp emulator.

Download compressed Blast Off PSP game for ppsspp emulator.
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3.2/5 - (4 votes)

Download Blast Off PSP game for the ppsspp emulator on Android.

Blast Off, developed by Halfbrick Studios, is a gravity-based puzzle game that becomes addictive due to its fun experience. In this game, you pilot a cute little rocket through space, working to capture floating astronauts and return them to the portal. Your only enemy is gravity. Get too close to a planet, asteroid, or black hole, and you’ll find yourself exploding. You essentially predict where gravity will pull you and work to counteract it using your thrusters. Additionally, you need to pick up astronauts and transport them to the portal before running out of air and fuel.

Each level of Blast Off, with a total of 45 levels, introduces a variety of floating astronauts. It’s up to you and your small ship to rescue them. You can control the direction of the ship using your controls, but to start moving, you need to burn some limited fuel. Get the minimum number of required astronauts to complete the level, and the portal will open, allowing you to move on to the next challenge. Things get interesting when you’re thrown into planets with their gravity pull, bonus space to save (determining high scores and earning gold stars), moving asteroids, and time limits in the form of an oxygen gauge, and much more.

Download Blast Off for ppsspp.rar for Android.

Blast Off may not seem great at first glance. It’s a modest action game with simple graphics. It’s one of the PSP Minis games, a collection of inexpensive games playable on the PlayStation Portable. But don’t be deceived by appearances because Halfbrick’s new game is one of the most exciting.

What makes this game so much fun is that you can play each level in different ways. The truth is, you don’t even need to rescue all the missing men to complete the mission, making later tasks more achievable for sure. What I found is that as I progressed, I became better at controlling my little ship. I was no longer trapped by the gravity of a moon or a specific planet, and instead, I could easily maneuver my way around them. After finishing the hardest level, I had no trouble going back and beating my old score. Best of all, the game gives you a score to beat (created by the developers), so there’s always an incentive to return and surpass those results. Each level has an astonishing amount of replayability; I easily put over ten hours into this small $3 PSP game.

Graphics are extremely simple, but they definitely get the job done. Although everything is small and constantly repetitive throughout the gameplay, there are plenty of fine details here and there. The art direction is solid, which is not something I say a lot about PSP games. The sound is also good, even though it fits heavily with the new age music. Sound effects are solid, even though they are entirely unrealistic. The entire presentation is straightforward, but it’s definitely strong throughout the journey.

Download Blast Off ppsspp game for Android.

Blast Off is a starry arcade game featuring gravity fields, floating astronauts, and bizarre planetary systems. Use your rocket ship to rescue your comrades and carry them to safety. But be careful! The constant force of gravity can either help or hinder your journey and may lead to a catastrophic collapse.

If you want a fun and engaging free PSP game, I am happy to recommend Blast Off, which can also be played on Android and computer using the PPSSP Gold emulator. A very simple game (rescue astronauts with your spaceship) that meets all the criteria I look for in a portable game: it’s cute, the tasks are short, the goal can be simple to complete but mastering it requires skill, there’s a lot to do, and all these features are available in an extremely lightweight size and direct link.

Additional information:

Name: Blast Off
Game Type: Puzzle, Arcade
Developer: Halfbrick Studios
Release Date: November 24, 2009
Game Size: 18 MB
Supported Devices: PSP, ppsspp emu
File Format: iso psp

Download compressed Blast Off PSP game for ppsspp emulator.
Download Download compressed Blast Off PSP game for ppsspp emulator. 
Download Blast Off
Download - 18 MO
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