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The future of Game Pass… Goodbye consoles, hello gamers

The future of Game Pass… Goodbye consoles, hello gamers
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After the launch of the new Gen of PS5 and Xbox Series X video game platforms, what is the future of Game Pass and what will the gamIng competition look like in the coming years?

The answer to this question will be discussed in this article from several aspects.

A new generation of gamers, not just console players

To begin with, it should be noted that the emergence of new platforms will inevitably bring forth a new generation of gamers. The current generation of teenagers who play Fortnite hold the belief that everything can be transformed into a video game, and it appears that Microsoft is fully embracing this idea.

As we welcome a new phase of home gaming consoles, one cannot help but question the longevity of these large consoles that occupy our living spaces, and if they will endure for a decade.

Although Microsoft is encouraging people to purchase the latest Xbox Series X, they are also considering an alternate strategy. In the future, it is likely that players will increasingly adopt an unpredictable approach to where and how they play.

The leader of Microsoft’s Xbox division, Phil Spencer who oversees the engineering and creative teams of the gaming industry at Microsoft, believes that asking whether consoles will exist in a decade is not the correct inquiry.

“It is bizarre that the devices we purchase are not compatible with each other, especially in today’s society.”

future of xbox game-pass

Microsoft wants to break the norm

Microsoft has been attempting to break free from the limits that dictate how video games are played through the Xbox platform. They have been a strong advocate of cross-play functionality across diverse devices, while Sony was initially opposed to it.

Phil Spencer tweeted that he would appreciate it if the PlayStation 5 supported cross-play. So He compared the experience of playing on PlayStation to being in a park with walls, where Xbox players are on the opposite side of the walls.

he stated that walled gardens are outdated and have no relevance in the present world. Microsoft aims to remove these boundaries, however, But do not forget we all know that the Garden of Sony contains more attractive exclusive games.

After a while, Microsoft made somewhat of an impact, albeit not at a large scale. One example of this was exclusive games, where Sony began to consider bringing some of their exclusive games to PC. In terms of cross-platform play, Sony had no choice but to accept this new concept.

How will GamePass change the future of gaming in general

Home Gaming Consoles are no longer the most common way to play games, but rather phones, on which the image of playing on them changes over the years, just like consoles.

Where we see some people when you are bored trying to spend some time on the game Candy Crush and we see some teenagers playing PUBG and Fortnite daily.

Microsoft wants to introduce the Xbox to new markets like Africa and India, and Phil Spencer believes that the population that usually enjoys entertainment on phones and tablets will not buy a TV and a home console, but will be more open to playing Favourite games on devices that they already own.

Certainly, this experience will not be ideal in our world today, but with the expansion of 5G networks and the solution of some problems that cloud services for games suffer from, and with technical development, the shape of the gaming industry may change forever.

How does Microsoft plan to make Game Pass a success?

The future of Game Pass... Goodbye consoles, hello gamers

All of us use platforms such as Netflix for watching movies and programs online, but nobody inquires where we access them from. Instead, we engage in conversations regarding which movies to stream on Netflix.

Microsoft aims to achieve a similar status in the gaming industry where the focus is on the games we play rather than the platform we use, be it PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, or Mobile. This would create a world where the platform we own becomes irrelevant.

Microsoft has a focus on players and services which is demonstrated through their offering of Game Pass, a service that permits access to an excellent game selection by paying a monthly fee of $10.

Microsoft says “Our approach to acquiring game studios has been to target innovative teams that we think are capable of producing engaging content that will contribute to the growth of Game Pass.”

In other words, the more ways to play, the more services Microsoft provides, and thus the more revenues that flow into the company’s coffers.

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Due to the hype raging about the Game Pass, it’s probable that a lot of individuals who are interested in playing Xbox games will opt to play them on an alternate platform, such as a personal computer or a mobile device in the near future, or perhaps on an entirely new platform in the far future.

Upon reaching this point, it appears reasonable to inquire whether or not this current iteration of the gaming console will be its final version. Is this truly the case? For me, I don’t think it’s still time for cloud games to replace traditional gaming platforms.

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The future of Game Pass… Goodbye consoles, hello gamers
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