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Sony has sold nearly 40 million PS5 units worldwide

Sony has sold nearly 40 million PS5 units worldwide
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PS5 sales approach 40 million unit

Because Sony released the PlayStation 5 in late 2020, It made it difficult for gamers to buy the PlayStation 5. This is Due to the global semiconductor shortage and COVID-19 restrictions have contributed to the problem, which has led to high price and shortage of device modules in the market.

Sony announced its financial results for the 2022-2023 fiscal year, disclosing that it sold 19.1 million units, surpassing its initial target of 18 million. The company has sold a total of 38.4 million PlayStation 5 consoles so far.

Based on the earnings report, Sony In the fiscal year that ended in March 2023 generated a total revenue of 11.54 trillion Japanese yen, which is roughly equivalent to $84 billion in US dollars. The Gaming and Network Services division was responsible for 31% of this revenue, which amounted to approximately 3.64 trillion yen (or around $26 billion), making it the primary source of income for the company. during the year.

PS5 Sales Approach 40 Million unit

large number of units in the future. Despite being available for only three years, the PlayStation 5 has already proven to be a popular choice among gamers. Recently, Sony’s financial report confirmed the impressive sales figures of 38.4 million units so far. The company’s aim is to continue selling even more units in the coming years, indicating that there is still plenty to come from this device.In the present financial year of the company, there will be a total of 20 million units produced.

device in the future? Will it continue to climb up the ranks and possibly even overtake the top-selling devices? Only time will tell. The device has now become the sixth best-selling PlayStation device in the company’s history, surpassing the Vita device. The aim is now to exceed sales of the PSP, which seems unlikely as it has sold over 82 million units. It is unknown what the future sales of the PlayStation device will be, and whether it will surpass the top-selling devices. Time will tell.At the end of its lifespan, where will the list cease to exist?

PS5 shortage no more

Gaming and Network Services division experienced a revenue increase of approximately 33% compared to the previous financial year. Between January and March 2023, the PS5 achieved an outstanding total sales milestone of 6.3 million units. Additionally, during a speech, Sony’s president and chief operating officer, Hiroki Totoki, stated that the division had achieved these impressive results.The inventories for distribution have returned to normal, meaning that the console can be provided to customers immediately without any delay.

The objective of the corporation is to market 25 million PS5 devices during the present financial year concluding in 2024 and envisioning an income of 3.9 trillion Japanese yen (which is about $28 billion) through the gaming sector. Nevertheless, Totoki cautioned against reduced demand because of a worldwide economic decline.

in terms of revenue. However, it still fell short compared to the gaming division, which generated the highest revenue. Sony’s imaging sector, which provides camera sensors to numerous smartphone producers, earned a considerable amount of revenue but still only amounted to about one-third of the gaming sector’s revenue. The music sector closely followed the imaging sector in terms of revenue, placing third, but still could not reach the gaming sector’s earnings. contributor to Sony’s revenue.

Poor games sales may reduce current fiscal’s profits

ps5 games

Although Sony has experienced a high number of hardware sales, Bloomberg Report has noted that the company’s projected earnings for next year may fall short due to lower-than-anticipated software sales. The report indicates that game copy sales have decreased from 70.5 million to 68 million from the previous year, indicating a lack of momentum.

On one side, Sony identified that there was an addition of 2.3 million active PlayStation users in FY2022 as compared to March 2022. However, there was a reduction in monthly users on the gaming network from 112 million to 108 million, which contradicted this. Bloomberg attributes this to the absence of any notable game. release from Sony’s in-house.

The PlayStation VR2 headset from Sony did not have a significant impact on game sales. During the speech, Tokoti attributed this lack of success to the two-month lag time between hardware sales and any measurable results on conversion rates.

According to Tokoti, Sony intends to launch a new game called “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” within the current fiscal year, as well as make its current titles accessible for other platforms like PC. This move could potentially stop the financial losses from their software division.

Sony has sold nearly 40 million PS5 units worldwide
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