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8 facts about Hogwarts Legacy

8 facts about Hogwarts Legacy
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Hogwarts Legacy is among the best video games released so far in the lead-up to this new year. The anticipation of the game from gamers around the world is unprecedented, to the point that it broke records for views on the Twitch platform on the first day of its official launch.

It is a game that we recommend that you try and play, as it is based on the Harry Potter universe, with a huge open world and even greater game mechanics. And if you want to explore the game more, you can read our article entitled  Everything you need to know about the upcoming game, Hogwarts Legacy. Because this article focuses more on information and things about the Hogwarts Legacy game that all players of this game should know.

1- There are more than 100 Side Quests in the game 

Open-world games are a side mission farm. These are missions that can provide you with the development of your character or the acquisition of special items in the game. But mostly there are only a few side quests that are simple or serve side stories for characters and NPCs. But Hogwarts Legacy has challenged other games and will offer more than 100 different side quests.

The aim of these side missions is that they earn you many items that can help you in the game so most of the spells are earned from completing the side missions. This may affect the main storyline of the game a bit only a few are now interested in the true story of the game and its ending.

2- You can become a Dark Wizard and take the side of evil in the game 

It’s nice to be on the side of good in video games, but it’s even better to have a choice to take sides with you. Take the example of the Elden Ring game you have 6 options to choose from in the game. In Hogwarts Legacy, you can become an evil wizard or a Dark Wizard by learning the techniques and arts of dark magic.

It should be mentioned here that this will have a lot of side consequences, perhaps being expelled from Hogwarts or even being fought by other wizards. But it’s nice to know that there is a possibility to do that in the game.

3- The events of the game take place in the year 1800

secrets about hogwarts legacy

When Hogwarts Legacy was announced, players thought they would meet characters like (Harry Potter) or face enemies like (Voldemort), we regret to tell you that the events of the game and the events of the movie/book are completely different. The game takes place in the year 1800, and there are no iconic characters in the game. This, by the way, allows you to explore more things in the game and build a new world other than the one we saw in the book or movie.

Among the characters in the game that were mentioned, perhaps in the movie and the book, is the character (Leslie), who will be one of the teachers at Hogwarts, but technically she is almost the grandmother of the character (Ronnie). Then one of the people of (Black) descendants of the character (Sirius Black) who appeared in the film, will be the Headmaster or President of the Academy at that time.

4- You will be able to play Hogwarts Legacy on the Steam Deck 

hogwarts legacy steam deck

Two years ago, Valve announced a new gaming device called the Steam Deck, and, indeed, it is not very popular in the Arab world, but it is starting to compete with portable console devices. Many have underestimated the Steam Deck for being a Nintendo-like device that is unable to run many games. It was a shock when so many powerful games were released and played on the Steam Deck with the same power and efficiency, like Elden Ring.

To show just how powerful the Steam Deck is, Hogwarts Legacy will be available to try and play directly on the Steam Deck immediately upon its official launch. Of course, you can still try the game on other devices as well.

5- You can hunt and raise magical animals 

in Hogwarts Legacy You can hunt and raise magical animals 

Hogwarts Legacy can turn into a Pokemon game. In Hogwarts Legacy, you will come across a lot of different magical animals, There are two types of creatures; passive ones that pose no threat unless provoked, and aggressive ones that will immediately assault you upon sight. We will also see a lot of magical beasts that appeared in the Harry Potter film series.

Generally, there are a lot of animals that you can hunt in the game. Then you can add them in a garden inside your room at Hogwarts and nurture and care for them. In return, these animals will give you some items that you can use to craft potions.

6- Attending classes and lessons in the game is optional 

There is nothing Harry Potter fans crave more than experiencing the same experience in the series. From exploring the recesses of Hogwarts through the dark forests to searching for the most famous spells and magical items (Leviosaaaaaa). Then, of course, attend classes within the Hogwarts Legacy game as in the movie.

Attending classes is not compulsory, but some of them are considered Side quests and side missions only. But some of them help you improve your magic abilities, and gain new spells and spells.

7- You can join Fight Clubs within Hogwarts

You can join Fight Clubs within Hogwarts

We’ll come back to the fact that there are more than 100 side missions, some of which offer you Rewards to help you advance in the game, and others are just fun missions, nothing more or less. Among the available side, missions are that you can join special clubs, such as fighting clubs in which all students at Hogwarts compete using magic.

They can be relied upon for many purposes, including training to cast magic spells, and practicing avoiding spells cast on them by others. Later, you can compete against other players in PvE mode.

To join the club you will find an NPC called Lucan Brattleby inside Hogwarts, who will invite you to join this secret club.

8- There are a lot of hidden items inside the game that can only be revealed with a magic spell 

During your walk inside Hogwarts and even outside it, pay close attention, dear reader, to some golden Hints that may appear to you, but they will appear in the void to make you wonder: What is this?

These items are hidden items, and to reveal them you have to use the Revelio spell, one of the most popular magic spells we’ve seen in the Harry Potter series.

Most of these hidden items are Guide Pages, whose purpose is to increase the player’s experience points (XP) and also have spells that can be used.

8 facts about Hogwarts Legacy
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