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Street Fighter 6 Review

Street Fighter 6 Review
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The Street Fighter series is one of the fighting game franchises that has always amazed us throughout its installments over the generations like Mortal kombat and Tekken. The new game, Street Fighter 6, is just as enjoyable and beautiful as its predecessors, if not more so, as it has greatly exceeded our expectations. It has presented an amazing blend of several unique elements, which we will tell you about below in the game review.

Street Fighter 6 heavily focuses on gameplay, as this element has always been the defining factor of each installment. For example, the current new installment places a great emphasis on the Drive system in the game, unlike previous parts that focused on defense and offense systems.

Review and Rating of Street Fighter 6:

Technical Aspect:

After playing Street Fighter 6 for several hours, you will notice from the very first moment that its technical aspect is stunning and significantly more advanced than its predecessor. The game is developed using the RE Engine, which Capcom has recently become renowned for. It showcases highly detailed character models, including facial features, body structures, muscles, and more.

The stage backgrounds are also vibrant with constant movement and intricate details. The most exciting part is the impact of the strikes, thanks to the new engine, which makes you feel the weight of each blow, whether it’s a frontal, rear, or finishing move. This is what we seek in the current generation, isn’t it? The graphics power. From this aspect, the game has excelled tremendously, even though it’s a fighting game that shouldn’t heavily focus on this element.

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Artistic and Character Aspects:

Capcom has focused on one of the most important elements of the series in Street Fighter 6, which is the characters and the age differences between previous installments and the current one. For example, we have familiar characters like “Ken” and “Ryu,” who clearly show visible signs of aging and progression.

The game features around 18 playable characters, with 12 of them being well-known and returning from previous parts, while there are 6 entirely new characters being introduced for the first time in the series. It is worth mentioning that these characters could potentially secure a place in future installments due to their impressive fighting moves and designs.

One of the artistic aspects that caught my attention was the absence of slowdown in the stages. Everything in the game is incredibly fast, giving you a true sense that we are indeed experiencing a title of a new generation. Even the character animations during their attacks look extremely stunning.

Gameplay and Mechanics:

As mentioned, the game presents us with 18 characters, both returning and new, each with its unique style and gameplay in terms of defense, offense, executing powerful strikes, and more. What’s impressive is that Capcom has dedicated a training mode to introduce players to the fighting style of each character and their strengths and weaknesses.

street fighter 6 characters

The fighting system in the new installment has undergone a complete change from its predecessor. As we mentioned, the game relies on an element called the Drive System, which is a system based on the player’s ability to time their strikes correctly. This element is tailored for both new and experienced players. There are several types of this system that we will explain in detail below.

  • Drive Impact System: This is the most important system that players must learn and master. It is a purely defensive system that allows you to parry your opponent’s attacks, even the knockout blows, with the key factor being timing. If used at the right moment “during the opponent’s animation,” it enables you to execute a counter-attack and perform a combo in just one second.
  • Drive Parry System: This system is derived from previous installments, allowing you to parry your opponent’s move during the execution of your own attack, without having to wait for the opponent’s animation.
  • Drive Reversal System: It is a defensive move that allows you to block the enemy’s attack with a weak counter-attack. In other words, this system helps you escape from difficult situations and tight spots.
  • Overdrive System: This is a move that allows you to quickly approach your opponent.


You can master all these systems by spending several hours in the training mode, and as mentioned before, the gameplay in this installment is the easiest in the series, considering the presence of new players.

Game Modes:

street fighter 6 - Game Modes

Street Fighter 6 is filled with various distinctive game modes, including both completely new ones like World Tour and familiar ones. Below, we will explore all the game modes we have experienced, starting with the new ones:

We begin with the World Tour mode, which immediately grabs your attention. It is a new mode that allows you to create your own character and embark on an unparalleled adventure in the world of Street Fighter. Your goal is to search for fighters to challenge and thereby gain more power for your character and moves. Additionally, as you progress, you will unlock entirely new fighting moves.

What’s remarkable about this mode is its concept inspired by real life. For instance, as a fighter, you need a trainer to start your journey, and the game in this mode offers you, multiple trainers, to choose from and begin your adventure with. The trainer won’t give you everything right away, so you must follow a specific approach with them to acquire new moves and techniques. There are also specific conditions and side missions that you must complete in order to succeed and achieve your goals.

The World Tour mode serves as the story of the game, and its concept goes beyond just engaging in fights. It allows you to wander, overcome obstacles, complete main missions, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the game’s world. This new idea in the game has made this part more enjoyable and fantastic. As a fan of fighting games, I spent most of my gameplay hours relishing all the advantages this new mode offers.

street fighter 6 World Tour mode

You’ll notice that in this mode, there are no delays in fights or loading screens, which is precisely what we desire in a next-gen fighting game. When you find someone to fight, the battle starts swiftly, and each fight has its unique elements. For example, one condition might involve completing a fight by executing a specific technique from the Drive system. If you meet the required condition, you’ll receive rewards and experience that greatly aid your progress.

Lastly, and this surprised me greatly, there are flight tickets you obtain in this mode to travel across different parts of the world, acquiring new trainers and enhancing your abilities. There is also a day-night cycle, and most importantly, in this world, you won’t be safe. Always be cautious of gangs that might attack you from behind. This mode is literally like a complete game, and the amount of incredible content it offers is truly remarkable.

Battle Hub Mode

One of the new additions brought to us by Capcom in the Street Fighter game is the Battle Hub MODE. It works by gathering players in one place, which includes a large collection of arcade machines that can be interacted with. It also allows freedom to roam around and interact with other players, as well as search for opponents to initiate challenges over the internet.

Also, Another new mode is the Extreme Battle mode, which has a fresh concept where you fight opponents based on specific conditions to win. It is designed to deviate a little from the usual, as the objective here is not to eliminate the opponent, but for example, to knock them down using specific tools until the round’s designated time runs out, and the player who accumulates the most points at the end of the round wins.

There is also the multiplayer mode, where unfortunately I did not find many players, but I did experience several enjoyable mini-games and buying in-game currency products. However, one of the key features of this mode is the Esports commentators who have been added to provide commentary during matches. If you don’t want to do any of the mentioned activities, you can simply watch matches between two players online and learn from their moves.

Graphics and Sounds:

Graphics and Sounds of street fighter 6

The graphics of Street Fighter 6 are the most beautiful yet in the series, thanks to the new engine used in development. The character animations are updated, and the visual impact of each movement and its effects is stunning.

The background sounds are well-crafted, and the game’s music is a blend of Western hip-hop and Eastern Japanese songs. Simply put, the game’s melodies give you the necessary drive to feel the excitement of the matches.


Well, we have reached the end of the review for Street Fighter 6, and the game is the result of many years and extensive experience in the development process by Capcom. It offers many hours of gameplay with various modes, 18 characters, an innovative Drive system, and the World Tour mode. Additionally, the game boasts impressive graphics. I can confidently say that it is the best Street Fighter game to date.

+ The gameplay is polished, extremely smooth, and entirely new, catering to both new and veteran players.– The number of characters is limited, with only 18 compared to the previous installment’s 16.
+ The game offers two control styles: the innovative one introduced for the first time in this installment, and the traditional control style we all know.– There are some technical issues with character design in the World Tour mode.
+ There are new modes that provide unparalleled content in any other fighting game.– Specifically, the World Tour mode has its shortcomings.
+ The use of a new fighting system provides a unique playing and fighting experience for each character.– The game requires further balancing updates for player abilities, as some characters are weak while others are overpowered.
+ The distinctive background music blends the charm and impact of Western style with the culture of Eastern style.– The story in the World Tour mode is not compelling, with some repetitive side missions.


Street Fighter 6 Review
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