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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Review

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Review
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With the end of Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s journey, fighting the Galactic Empire, exploring different planets, and searching for hidden worlds, frankly, it is one of the best experiences of the year for me and among the candidates for the game of the year.

The reason is that Respawn Studio simply provided everything that should be present in a second part of the game in addition to Being the most beautiful and fun, albeit not without problems, and in this article, as is usual on our site, I will share my review of my experience with things that characterized the adventures of Cal Kestis character in the Survivor part of the game.

May the fun be with you

Presenting a second part of any game needs certain conditions to be able to succeed, and the most important of these conditions is to preserve the basic elements that characterized the first part, but with an increase in the narrative depth and diversity in it, in addition to developing and improving the elements that were not good, and this is exactly what Respawn Studio provided in Survivor part in most aspects. You will evaluate and review the game in detail with three important points which are combat; Navigation, exploration, and finally puzzles.

about Star Wars-Jedi Survivor

In combat, It provided something rare in our current generation’s video games, which is that you start with full strength and personal abilities acquired from the previous part, instead of being as usual, and it starts without abilities and develops again. But on the contrary, when five years have passed since the end of the events of the last part, the character of the hero has become more powerful, experienced, and fighting than before, with the confrontation of enemies using the luminous sword by different positions.

And with the abilities of the Jedi group, it is still a fun and fluid fighting style, even cinematic at certain moments. And with a significant increase in enemies, main and sub-bosses, the experience has become more fun and challenging, for example, with the ability to use five different modes of combat instead of the two modes in the last part. Where each unit has certain abilities, skills, and styles, and from it the options become more for the players in determining how to confront the enemies more largely.

In fact, I enjoyed eliminating the enemies, raising the rest in the air, or dropping them from a high place, while using the finishing moves through the different positions of the sword. As I mentioned, I love challenging and confronting leaders, as there are many leaders, whether in the world or on special missions. Where these leaders aim to eliminate the capture of the hero of the game and hand him over to the empire. Also, among the points that must be mentioned are the dialogues that were presented in a funny way that takes place between the characters. The dialogues differ according to the type of enemy, and I advise you to listen to the dialogues a little before you destroy any enemy you face. In general, everything that was present in the fighting style in the first part is available in a deeper, more diverse, and fun way.

This also applies to movement and exploration, because he and also Cal Kestis’ previous skills learned, such as double jumping or walking on walls, are with you from the beginning in a way that moves fast, especially since throughout a journey, new mechanics in the movement are introduced that make for a better experience.

As for me, the perspective of playing while moving presented the most enjoyable platform system in many years, and climbing, which is usually considered boring in games, has become a fun element in which it has speed and smoothness to the point that sometimes you feel that you are playing a game of the Metroidvania type. In terms of the similarity of the type of capabilities in this aspect and the necessity of using them in exploration.

The thing that increases and shows the enjoyment of capabilities more is the design of stages in all areas, where they have been implemented well, making them compatible with personal capabilities, and in a way that makes visiting the areas a habit important and necessary to learn more secrets, for example, open and large areas in which animals help to move quickly and areas Closed, you will find many tools that allow you to use the various and fun exploration capabilities.

star wars Jedi Survivor by romsdown

Also, great care was given to the element of puzzles, as well as how it supports all the capabilities that a character possesses, and forces you to think about all the possibilities to solve the puzzles, and frankly, there was creativity and a departure from the usual, especially in the large parks, where it presents difficult and optional challenges, and the puzzles are fun.

As we continue talking about exploration and open areas, although the number of planets in this part is less than in the first part, it is denser and has more explorable things and semi-open areas in which there are many secrets, tasks, activities, and challenges, with the possibility of rapid transfer between them, and this is something It existed in the past and personally, whether I was in the Jedi planet or the rich forests of kobo or on the devastated moon and others.

I was very enjoying exploring every corner and every place, whether to search for the boss fight challenges that I advise you not to miss or finish some main and side missions and know the stories and history of the game world, As well as obtaining experience points to develop abilities and skills while enjoying the stunning and stunning scenery offered by these places in terms of graphics details and visual elements.

Customization in star wars Jedi Survivor game

As for after getting tired of fighting, moving around, and saving galaxies, the main headquarters of Cal Kestis and allies are on the planet Kubo. Frankly, it was a beautiful and enjoyable touch. It is a place that gives you more opportunities to get to know the world and the characters you meet. It is also a place to relax. You can plant a garden or play fun future games as well. Between fights, you can change the appearance of the game character with a significant increase in customization options compared to the previous part.

As for away from the gameplay elements, let’s take a look at the story and events, with an artistic approach in a distinctive cinematic way and strong graphics, the events of this part are exciting with unexpected twists and characters that were presented at a high level of Writing, acting, and presentation, accompanied by excellent sound and visual effects and music that increase the feeling and sense of adventure. I also enjoyed this story more than the story of Cal Kestis, which was in the first part, and I hope that Caltex’s journey will continue and that it will be a trilogy.

Speaking of things that were presented positively in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, I would like to quickly mention the smooth control experience with full support for Sony’s ‘DualSense’ controller, as well as the presence of a useful addition, which is the shooting mode in the game. And you can choose the “Grand Master” difficulty mode if you like a more difficult gaming experience.

The ship is unstable 

star wars Jedi Survivor game

Most of us have heard the players’ problems with the performance of the game, especially on PC devices, where its performance and smoothness of play differ according to the type of device and processor, and the experience may also be unplayable at certain periods. Since my experience is on the PlayStation 5, it is what I will talk about, and in principle, the issue is completely different on the PC, as the performance of the game is better in stages, but I am not without problems, and I expect that even the Xbox X is similar to the situation of the PS5.

The experience was somewhat unstable, specifically in the frame rate more and in glitches less, because when I play at high settings, I would notice drops in tires from time to time, especially in the first hours of the first missions, as well as in some heavy and demanding cinematic scenes, and other than that, the issue became Better limit, although the problem persists until the end. But the important question is, does this drop affect my enjoyment of the experience? Of course not, the landing of FPS was not badly distracting. With the passage of time, they became more integrated with the events of the game, and I no longer paid attention to the problem. However, it would have been a better and better experience if these technical issues had been fixed.

As for me, the element that I really wished would be better, is the presence of the loading during the game for longer times than usual, whether in the use of fast navigation or in particular every time you enter and exit from the main headquarters, so that it is necessary that you stand in front of the door for about ten seconds in order to entry or exit.

Jedi Survivor gave me a hearty meal of action and adrenaline

In conclusion, after our journey with the hero Cal in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which increased the depth, diversity, and fun in all aspects that distinguished the first part, with more diverse and fun combat, faster and smoother movement, a sick exploration of visually stunning worlds, creative puzzles, and a variety of challenges to fight with a story in which exciting events and twists and turns Unexpected. In my point of view, I think it is an essential experience for all fans of the Star Wars world series and fans of adventure games in general, as it was able with all its might to enter the list of the best games for this year, but as we mentioned its most important defect that had to be fixed was that it needed to be more optimized and smooth, and otherwise, It is a masterpiece worth playing without any doubt.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Review
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