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WWE 2K23 Review: Improved Gameplay and New Modes

WWE 2K23 Review: Improved Gameplay and New Modes
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The WWE 2K series of wrestling games had a history of underperforming and providing unsatisfactory experiences, but there has been a noticeable improvement since last year’s release. The game underwent significant changes and upgrades, thanks to the Visual Concepts development team who returned to lead the game development alone. With this year’s version, players can expect more features and improvements compared to the previous year. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review of the latest version, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.


Quick details:

  • Game name: WWE 2K23
  • Release date: March 17, 2023
  • The developer company: Visual Concepts
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Platform: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5

Improvements in the WWE 2K series

wwe 2k23 game

With the recent announcement of the WWE Wrestling Federation’s sale, it’s clear that significant changes are on the horizon. We’re hopeful that these changes will continue to benefit the WWE 2K series of games, which have gradually improved and become more enjoyable to play. This year’s version builds upon the previous game, introducing new game stages and modes. One such addition is the WarGames mode, featuring multiple arenas that players can battle in, either alone or with others, and requiring players to move from one arena to another.


Game Modes and Gameplay

wwe 2k2023

The previous game’s MyFACTION, MyGM, and Showcase modes make a return and provide a lot of value to players who play solo. MyGM mode, for instance, lets players take on the role of the president of the Raw or SmackDown federation and compete against other bosses to make the best offer. On the other hand, Showcase mode is the story mode of the game where users can play through the narrative of the famous wrestler, John Cena, and his most notable losses in the Union. Additionally, there’s MyRise mode where players can start their journey as a wrestler and climb their way to becoming a world champion.


The way the game is played is quite similar to last year’s version, featuring a blend of action-packed combat with direct hits, as well as a level of skillfulness in executing reversing maneuvers that significantly contribute to securing a win. Familiarizing oneself with this aspect of the game is crucial, as it enables one to have a chance of turning the tables and winning even after receiving a severe beatdown. The game’s biggest strength lies in its highly entertaining gameplay system, which has been improved upon since last year’s release. Players can expect to participate in various exciting matches that reward them for performing a wide range of moves and strikes. In addition, the game offers a fantastic array of modes, including standard matches, cage fights, ladder matches, hell matches, and even fights outside the ring in loading areas, among others. With a multitude of options like these, the game provides unparalleled value, an incredible range of choices, and unquestionable fun.

Issues with Control

The problem with using control in games is that it may not always be effective. There are situations where it can be difficult to direct your opponent, such as pushing them into a corner or getting a weapon. In team play, interference can make it frustrating to fix your opponent, especially in the story mode where winning team fights is necessary. The wrestlers in the game have different designs, with some “current wrestlers” having high-quality designs, while classic wrestlers like Bret Hart may not have as good designs in the game. Additionally, crowded challenges like the Royal Rumble can make it hard to strike a specific wrestler.


Graphics and performance

review of WWE 2K2023


At a technical level, the game is neither outstanding nor particularly poor. The graphics quality varies depending on the wrestler’s designs, arenas, and crowd, but the addition of repeated announcer phrases adds to the realism. Whether playing alone or with others, WWE 2K23 provides an enjoyable experience, although its yearly release may hinder significant development – especially in terms of graphics. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the game exclusively for current-generation home devices, hoping for a technological shift that will match the game’s marked improvements since last year’s version.



The WWE 2K game series has shown significant progress since the previous version. It offers a unique and engaging gameplay system, enriched with an extensive range of content. The game has numerous game modes that add to its value, including an exciting style and plenty of fighting choices. Additionally, with a vast roster of wrestlers, it presents a source of entertainment that is worth experiencing personally or with others.

The game was reviewed using the PlayStation 5 version, which was given to the reviewer by the game publisher prior to its release.

WWE 2K23 Review: Improved Gameplay and New Modes
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