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Download MotorStorm Arctic Edge PSP compressed game for PPSSPP emulator.

Download MotorStorm Arctic Edge PSP compressed game for PPSSPP emulator.
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Download MotorStorm Arctic Edge game for PPSSPP emulator.

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge is the third installment in the MotorStorm video game series, developed by Bigbig Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation Portable and Ps2, released in 2009. The game featured some impressive physics along with addictive gameplay sufficient to complement its stunning aesthetics. Sony’s endorsement granted Motorstorm: Arctic Edge a complete experience with extensive online content and many robust features. Additionally, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge pleasantly surprised with a substantial addition of thrilling gameplay, effectively capturing its look and feel from the PS3 version. While not flawless, it remains one of the best vehicle racing games on the PSP.

Features of MotorStorm Arctic Edge for Android PSP:

The next mission in the MotorStorm series involves battling the frozen wastelands of the Arctic region in Alaska. MotorStorm Arctic Edge offers brutal off-road races in the beautiful and unpredictable environment of Alaska. With dropping temperatures, sudden snow avalanches, broken ice bridges, and three different race elevations, the Arcitc Edge version is the harshest environment in the series. In addition to the six original MotorStorm vehicle classes, two new vehicles (Snowcat and Snow Machine) are introduced to combat ice, cold, and snow. One is powerful and large to overcome stacked ice, while the other possesses grip and speed to handle most sub-zero conditions. MotorStorm Arctic Edge is suitable for solo play, online multiplayer, or playing with friends; up to eight players can compete wirelessly through Ad Hoc mode on the PSP. Alternatively, you can also compete online multiplayer using infrastructure mode on the PSP to access global leaderboards.

The powerful vehicle customization allows upgrading various parts, including wheels, exhaust, spoilers, care stickers, and liveries.
Stunning environments with tracks designed to resemble the rugged snow-covered landscapes of Alaska, creating the most treacherous racing conditions to date.
Eight vehicle classes, including the agile Snow Cat and the powerful Snow Plow designed to help you navigate Alaska’s terrains.
Play with friends with up to eight players online through infrastructure mode, in addition to custom races.

Download MotorStorm Arctic Edge for Android PPSSPP.

Motorstorm: Arctic Edge does an excellent job of recreating the best experience while maintaining its sense of elegance and unique qualities. The game is a spirited racer with tight controls and an arcade-style, adding a cool setting and some fantastic gameplay elements to the mix.

MotorStorm takes you on a thrilling adventure through slippery slopes and launches you across landscapes filled with volcanic eruptions. Now, with MotorStorm Arctic Edge, you can hop into the ice machine and race through slippery snow drifts. Each course is intricately designed, offering a perfect path to the finish line regardless of the vehicles you prefer, and the rapid sense of speed makes navigating these complex tracks a blast. However, the usual shortcomings of the franchise are also present, such as overly sensitive physics that make things seem a bit out of control. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a thrilling racing game, this is the best way to do it.

Additional Information:

Full Name: MotorStorm Arctic Edge
Game Type: Vehicle Racing
Release Date: September 30, 2009
Game Size: 540 MB
Supported Devices: PSP, PPSSPP emulator
File Format: PSP iso


Download MotorStorm Arctic Edge PSP compressed game for PPSSPP emulator.
Download Download MotorStorm Arctic Edge PSP compressed game for PPSSPP emulator. 
Download MotorStorm Arctic Edge
Download - 540 MO
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