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Download Bomberman game for PSP and PPSSPP emulator.

Download Bomberman game for PSP and PPSSPP emulator.
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3/5 - (5 votes)

Overview of the game:

Bomberman Land is a popular PlayStation PSP video game, and now you can play this game on Android using the PPSSPP emulator. Bomberman Land Wii (Wii), known as Bomberman Land in North America, is a Nintendo Wii video game. Unlike most Bomberman titles, this version features a set of motion-based mini-games rather than the usual grid-based action.

A demo of the game was playable at a Nintendo booth during the E3 2006 gaming conference. The demo showcased three mini-games that utilized the Wii Remote’s functions. These mini-games included Mountain, Pierrot, and Space Tube. In the Mountain mini-game, players used the Wii Remote to point at falling rocks coming out of a volcano in the background and destroy them. Players also gained extra points for consecutively shooting rocks without missing. In the Pierrot mini-game, the Wii Remote was used to balance a giant bomb on a stick, growing in size as the game progressed. Players had to avoid objects falling from the balcony, tilting the stick. If the stick tilted too much, the bomb would fall and explode. The Space Tube mini-game used the Wii Remote to tilt the tube through which Bomberman passed, making Bomberman jump or spin left and right. Players also had to avoid obstacles, including closing doors and undulations.

Bomberman is one of the strongest games for Android and PSP to date, with a total game size of only 400 MB on the PPSSPP emulator for Android. It features high-speed gameplay, wireless multiplayer battles, and includes powerful fighters. The game offers seven modes, including an awards mode for each round.

The graphics are exceptionally high, optimized for the PPSSPP emulator, with each stage having a different story and more thrilling awards.

Note: The version you download from our site is an ISO version that works directly on PSP devices. For Android, you need to download the emulator before installing the game to ensure proper functionality.

Additional information:

While enjoying his leisure time on the beach, White Bomber receives an invitation to the amusement park “Bomberman Land.” Upon arrival, he discovers that many of his friends received the same invitation, such as Cool Black and Cute Pink. When everyone arrives, the manager appears and teaches them how things work. As things are about to start, a strange character appears on a big screen calling himself the “Hero” of the park. He has taken control of the director, and it is up to White Bomber to win the events and defeat the Hero in his own match.

Download Bomberman game for PSP and PPSSPP emulator.
Download Download Bomberman game for PSP and PPSSPP emulator. 
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